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Whether you are preparing for graduate school or seeking professional advancement, the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy credential programs prepare you with tangible skills you can use immediately.

Our virtual programs will enhance your skills in a part-time format, while offering the support and network of a full-time program.

You’ll join a learning environment with interactive UChicago faculty discussions, collaborate with classmates, and practice the tools you learn in the classroom in applied exercises or research projects.

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Upcoming Events

Austin Wright

Data Analytic Credential (DAC) Roundtable with Professor Austin Wright

January 18, 2023 | 7:00-7:45pm CST

The eight-week Data Analytic Credential (DAC) teaches students and working professionals the foundations of how to code with R programming. The virtual program leverages asynchronous lectures and regular live office hours with the teaching team.

In this webinar, hear Austin Wright, Assistant Professor and DAC Faculty Director, provide a deep dive in the academic content and understand the advantage of the quantitative approach at UChicago Harris. This session includes a live Q&A. Join us and have your questions answered!

2019 DPSS Classroom 1

Data and Policy Summer Scholar (DPSS) Program Roundtable with Alumni

January 19, 2023 | 9:00 - 9:45am CST

This is a conversational space to connect with alumni of the Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program (DPSS). DPSS Alumni will share their program experience and how they implemented their DPSS skills at their professional organizations or academic programs.

Join the interactive conversation to chat about the program, studying and working in the field of public policy. You can contribute by typing in the chat or speaking with or without video. This session is open to prospective and admitted students.

Featured Program:

Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program

Learn about the Data and Policy Summer Scholar (DPSS) Program's curriculum and capstone research project from Austin Wright, Assistant Professor and DPSS Faculty Director, and program alumni.